Hiring a Project Manager/Agent When Closing an Estate is Less Costly Than You Think.

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I love it when I’m in a mode of getting loads of important tasks done with nary a whimper or complaint.  There are times when, even under pressure, everything seems to fall into place, and the resources, time, energy, and labor pop up right on time.  

Now, if I had to travel to a different city, clean out my late Mom’s home, prepare it for market and find a suitable agent to sell it, I’m not sure I could claim that everything would go according to schedule and plan.  Primarily, I expect my emotions missing my Mom would probably get the better of me.  But once I got those in check, I’d realize I’m not familiar with the area and resources available, like dumpsters, packing supplies, charities, appraisers, and labor to move furniture, let alone the gumption to do a final cleaning on the house or some basic renovations and updates.  

Logistically, I’d have to take time off work, prepare for the family to be taken care of while I’m gone, purchase airfare and get a rental car, or spend big bucks on petrol and drive the long-distance.  There might even be a need for a few hotel room nights and some restaurant food as I clear out Mom’s stuff. Whew, this expense can add up quickly!  

I compared the expenses involved in doing it myself versus hiring a specialized agent who will serve as a liaison with resources, experience, and initiative to handle it for me, and the result was pretty surprising.  I realized I actually save money, energy and don’t lose the weeks out of my busy every-day life to handle this project by hiring an agent who specializes in helping out-of-state executors, and letting her serve as Project Manager.  

Here are the basics of the comparison: When an executor or personal representative hires Jude Creamer to project manage the house preparation and sale, the listing fee is 6%. Compare this with the combined cost of hiring another agent at a 5% listing fee and adding in all of the extras necessary to coordinate the project Do-It-Yourself style (including lost work time, travel, effort and potential head-ache).

If you find a client in this boat, faced with the daunting task of clearing out personal belongings and preparing a home for market, you can add value to the service you provide them by introducing them to Jude Creamer, Broker Associate at HomeSmart. A very cost-effective real estate sales project manager to serve your clients in Sarasota and Bradenton.  You can email her at Jude@JudeCreamer.com.

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I'm Jude and I love helping people
who are facing a major life transition
make necessary real estate changes 
gracefully, methodically, and
with the least stress possible. 
Let me know how I can walk you step-by-step down the path to completion. 

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Hi, there!

I'm Jude Creamer and I love helping people facing a major life transition embark on finding their happy place gracefully, methodically and with the
least stress possible.
Let me know how I can walk you step-by-step down the path to your happy place. 



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